Mahogany wood

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Welcome to Arete Ventures Inc, your trusted supplier of high-quality Mahogany wood in the Philippines. We specialize in providing premium-grade Mahogany wood to various industries, including construction, furniture, and interior design.

Mahogany Wood Description

Mahogany wood is widely known for its durability, rot resistance, and attractive grain patterns.

Mahogany trees are classified as semi-evergreen. They can shed most of their foliage for a portion of the year. They can reach up to 75 feet with a spread of around 50 feet.

Uses of Mahogany Wood

The Mahogany wood species is an exceptionally durable hardwood commonly used in furniture making, cabinetry, flooring veneers, decking, etc. Its acoustic properties make it a popular and sought-after choice for crafting musical instruments.

Why Choose a Mahogany Wood Supplier in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a rich history of producing top-quality Mahogany wood. The country’s tropical climate and fertile soil create ideal conditions for the growth of this mahogany species. At Arete Ventures Inc, we have established strong relationships with local suppliers, allowing us to offer the best quality Mahogany wood at competitive prices.

Our Mahogany Wood Products

Our range of Mahogany wood products caters to your specific requirements. We offer Mahogany in various grades and types. Whether you’re looking to build a Mahogany wood table top or a Mahogany wood door, we provide customized sizing, milling, and finishing options according to your specifications.

Quality Control and Sustainability

Arete Ventures Inc is dedicated to upholding responsible and sustainable forestry practices. We source our Mahogany wood from suppliers who adhere to sustainable forestry practices to preserve and guarantee the survival of this invaluable resource. We implement rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that our customers receive superior wood products every time.

About Mahogany Wood

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Many species of mahogany are cultivated in North and Central America. But there are also other variants such as African, Cuban, Honduran, Santos, Mountain, and Philippine Mahogany.

Mahogany Wood Properties and Characteristics

Unlike other wood species, mahogany wood is less likely to warp, shrink, and swell. In comparison to other wood products like oak or pine, mahogany has minimal knots or voids.

Its smooth, consistent grain pattern makes it a favorite among woodworkers all over the world. And like other tropical wood species, mahogany trees grow fast, growing up 3 to 4 feet per year.

Mahogany possesses a unique rich color. It initially displays a distinctive pink hue and deepens into a rich reddish-brown color as it matures.

Many woodworkers value mahogany wood due to its exceptional characteristics. Durability and rot resistance make it an ideal choice in making furniture and woodworking projects.

Types of Mahogany Wood and Their Differences

While the majority of wood marketed as mahogany today is not authentic, some varieties may exhibit similar characteristics. True mahogany species belong to the genus Swietenia.

Honduran Mahogany

Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia humilis) displays a range of colors, from a pale pinkish brown to a deeper reddish brown. The color tends to deepen as the wood ages.

The shortest compared to other variants, Honduran Mahogany grows up to 20 feet tall. Nevertheless, it is a resilient wood known for its termite and rot-resistant properties.

Big-leaf Mahogany

The bigleaf mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla) can reach up to 200 feet. Those that grow in the rainforest are known to live up to 350 years.

African mahogany

The African mahogany (Khaya spp.) is a biological relative of the genus Swietenia. It is the most accessible and cost-effective alternative to genuine mahogany. African variants closely resemble true mahoganies but are a bit less dense.

Cuban Mahogany

Cuban mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) is notably denser and stronger compared to its closest relative, the Honduran mahogany. Cuban mahogany is highly regarded as a premium tonewood. It was sought after for its use in crafting musical instruments.

Furniture makers historically used Cuban mahogany for its captivating color and distinctive grain patterns. Likewise, shipbuilders have valued it for its exceptional resistance to rot. But in 1946, exporting Cuban mahogany was banned to prevent overharvesting and to ensure its survival.

Other Mahogany Alternatives

Several mahogany species, such as Lyptus, Mountain, Santos, and Andiroba, are marketed as substitutes for genuine mahogany. Philippine mahogany, also known as Meranti, closely resembles genuine mahogany but is slightly less durable and rot-resistant compared to true mahogany.


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What is Mahogany Wood Used For?

Mahogany wood is a favorite among furniture makers and interior designers because of its durability, grain pattern, and reddish sheen. It is extensively used in making furniture, cabinets, veneer, flooring, and decking. Additionally, it is a preferred choice for crafting acoustic guitars and other musical instruments.

Is Mahogany Wood Durable?

Mahogany wood is known to be durable and does not rot easily. As a hardwood, it is dense and naturally resistant to decay. It is an ideal choice for outdoor applications such as decking and cabinetry.

Mahogany wood is so durable that it is often used as a benchmark in the Janka test, which measures the force required to embed a steel ball into different wood species.

How Strong is Mahogany Wood?

Mahogany wood is recognized for its strength and hardness, boasting a Janka hardness rating of approximately 800 to 900-pound force (lbf). It is stronger than other commonly used furniture woods such as pine and maple. Additionally, its weight and density contribute to its durability and strength.

Is Mahogany Wood Sustainable?

Mahogany wood can be sourced from well-managed forests. However, it is crucial to address environmental concerns related to illegal logging and overharvesting that exist in certain regions.

It is essential to obtain Mahogany wood from reputable suppliers who prioritize and implement responsible forestry management practices. This ensures that the sourcing of Mahogany wood aligns with the current environmental conservation efforts.

Where to Buy Mahogany Wood?

Mahogany wood is a sustainable choice when sourced from properly managed forests. At Arete Ventures Inc, we offer high-quality Mahogany wood products to meet your construction and furniture manufacturing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.