The Team Behind Arete Ventures

Arete Ventures Team

Before Arete became a direct supplier of lumber in the Philippines, we started out from scratch, combining our expertise in different fields to build the goal of this small business. expanding and opening new doors of abundant possibilities to what we are today.

CEO – Jerol Tan 

Jerol Tan is responsible for the overall direction of the company, especially with client acquisitions and providing strategic decisions towards expansion and growth.

COO – Philip Mordagez 

John Philip Mordagez is based in Mindanao, responsible with supplier and government relations and oversees the day to day operations of our production

CFO – Raven Vingno

Raven Vingo is responsible for the company’s cash flow, financial records, and documentation of official receipts. Working along with his own company “Ravenwoods” Which specializes in household interior designs and construction.